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Fan-made Backstreet Boys: Drowning Musicvideo

Published 2005

This is a fan-made Music-Video to the song "Drowning" by the Backstreet Boys. We hope you like it.
Longer description and German description follow later.

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Windows Media (7.5 MB): WMV format, lowest quality (160kbps), should play on Windows without installing any third party software. Shortened version (No intros, Short credits)

DivX (24 MB): AVI format, medium quality (300kbps), requires DivX 6 codec ( )

DivX (60 MB): AVI format, high quality (768kbps), requires DivX 6 codec ( )

Run time 9 minutes
Production Company BAS Medien GmuH
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English, German


Director: Markus Kluschke
Assistant Director: Alexander Schenk
Producer: Markus Kluschke
Executing Producer: Alexander Schenk

Make-up: Nina Hansmann
Make-up: Andrea Gahler
Camera: Lars Neumann
Camera: Jan Asmuth
Design: Lars Neumann
Catering: Jan Asmuth
Catering: Nina hansmann
Catering: Andrea Gahler
Catering: Markus Kluschke
Good soul: Mirjam Behlen

Music: Lars Wagner
Cinematography: Lars Wagner
Casting: Markus Kluschke
Casting: Mont Schenk
Post-Production: Lars Neumann
Post-Production: Markus Kluschke
Post-Production: Alexander Schenk

Property: Lars Wagner
Property: Jana Feuerherm
Property: Charlotte Roggenbuck
Property: Olivia Linke
Property: Jana Schuessler
Property: Luise Hellwig
Property: Jasmin Baerenfaenger

Boom Operator: Andre Michel
Logistics: Lars Neumann
Logistics Assistant: Andrea Gahler
Stage-design: BAS Medien GmuH


Felix Potthof as NICK
Bjoern Schroeder as KEVIN
Alexander Schenk as HOWIE D.
Dominic Stremme as A.J.
Markus Kluschke as BRIAN
Kamil Pastuszek as TECHNICIAN and SECURITY


Achim Wolf
Alexandra Saure
Anika Kramer
Bastian Rashek
Catharina Schenk
Christian Lamm
Christin Wagner
Christoph Keindl
Claudia Paulus
Daniel Wilke
Daniela Vogel
Elisa Arnold
Franziska Lahme
Jana Biederbick
Jana Feuerherm
Jana Schuessler
Jasmin Baerenfaenger
Julia Lange alias Theresa Wilke
Katharina Leithaeuser
Katharina Peters
Katharina Rummel
Lara Wiens
Laura Boerger
Lea Zimmermann
Leonie Wilke
Luise Hellwig
Mareen Engelbracht
Marina Wilke
Marta Reis
MArtina Maywald
Melanie Kuethe
Michaela Bruene
Olivia Linke
Sarah Goettlicher
Varinia Pauli

Special Thanks to THE ARCHIVE for file hosting.


Reviewer: JanszenKarry - - January 2, 2014
Subject: thanks for sharing
Reviewer: The-BVB-Samba-Dance - - March 19, 2006
Subject: A wonderful video!
Hello guys! You are very funny, do you know that? :) Your video is very cool and I like it.

When I remember the time with all of you, I have to laugh :)

See you soon!
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